The revolutionary TEETH-IN-AN-HOUR™ concept enables our team to provide patients with a complete set of functional teeth supported by dental implants in approximately one hour with a single procedure. For the many adults who are unsatisfied with loose-fitting conventional dentures, this advanced prosthetic procedure provides an opportunity to experience a more natural-looking smile and an enhanced quality of life.

The technology for the TEETH-IN-AN-HOUR™ procedure was developed by implant industry experts, Nobel Biocare, and was designed to make total tooth replacement more precise, less invasive, and more efficient. Through the collaborative efforts of the oral surgeon and the general dentist, it is possible to produce a beautiful, high-quality, long-term answer to tooth loss.

Sophisticated Technology

How is it possible that we can surgically replace all of your missing teeth in only an hour? Computer-guided surgical technology and three-dimensional CAT scan imaging makes it possible for our surgical team and your general dentist to plan and coordinate much of your treatment prior to the day of your appointment. In fact, even the fabrication of your new set of teeth will be completed before you arrive for your appointment.

With CAT scan imaging, we can visualize every aspect of your jawbone to select the most ideal locations for your dental implants. We can often create a foundation for your new smile with the placement of as few as four dental implants. Once we have collected x-rays, study models, and other records regarding your health and your oral anatomy, we can calculate the most precise details of your upcoming surgery—even without your presence in the office!

An Uncomplicated Procedure

Your implant surgery will be performed under the appropriate anesthesia and sedation and the implants will be placed according to our precision computer-guided software. As a result, our patients experience a less invasive surgery, less postoperative discomfort, minimal swelling and minimal bruising. It is our goal to have you return to your normal activities within about a day.

Your TEETH-IN-AN-HOUR™ Consultation

To find out if this revolutionary dental implant procedure can help you to regain a complete smile in just one appointment, call to schedule your personalized consultation today.